An Outage Reminder! January 27, 2021

Hello everyone, During last weekend and this week, we were/are experiencing outage issues. Yesterday the the server went down, however it is not because on any error on the server, it is due to an outage at the datacentre. The server that went down has been extremely reliable over the last few months, however, we cannot do anything which is out ... Read More »

27th Jan 2021
Website Issues 10th December

Hi everyone, Firstly we would like to apologise to anyone who had any problems using any of our services during the last 72 hours. We have been upgrading a lot of our services and unfortunately as is life, not everything went smoothly. We are confident that these issues are now behind us and everything is working much better than before. You ... Read More »

10th Dec 2020
System Update! 21st November

Hi everyone,

We are currently updating our website and installing a new billing software which will make the process of buying hosting easier and much faster. For more information contact us or open a support ticket.


The Team @ Pitago

21st Nov 2020